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Art Bell
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see you at discovery, Brainiac

Not gonna lie: kinda want this on my tombstone: BIG FONT, FUCKERS--*click*

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had A Shadow Person come in the other day too -- didn't last long, teehee

If I hadn't been imprinted by Art talking about Them over and over for years, I wouldn't probably describe Them as such. Way more like the titular Predator's cloaktek. Likely, my shields probably change the experience quite a bit for me -- for example, It was way, way more scared of me than I was of It. Soon as I said 'hello,' bam -- off like a light switch on a first date at The Sizzler.

How does one give a big hug to a shadow? Fuck if I know, but I'm inclined to... discover.

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Publicly Art laughed at the Phil Hendrie parodies but after seeing what a thin skin he had I can't help thinking he was secretly seething over them

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How does one give a big hug to a shadow? Fuck if I know, but I'm inclined to... discover. (Last word it was still not able to be cleared, so she skipped her appointment told the receptionist to say there was an emergency and that I could call thursday, so we're down to the final wire they're waiting to show me the pieces of paper that tell me what they've been doing for a year. these are the most cowardly running pig dog communist rat fuck manifestos I've  ever seen my life

The instant I heard of Art’s death, I instantly knew what to do: hold a space in healing energy for our respective healing journeys to complete.

The existential thanks they can feel from across the horizon isn't firing to me, but I know it's there... and I know that I have done what no one else could have.

I won The Great Game (8) eight times. Five times, uncontested. And, yeah; not only is that really good, you didn't even notice I move like Jagger... stumbling towards ecstasy. No wait, that's Sarah MacLachlan. how did that little girl become such a fixture oh yeah she got super stocked yeah and she had a whole bunch of his friends and she undoubtedly they had access to chemicals that must be real good way to make a way in the world
Do you guys know what is possible to do with chemistry? well, for starters, you can end up on a watch list just by taking one brochure home for the library and end up in a miserable existence for the rest of your life, with just like mine except nobody knows what brochures I have.

(No one came to the surprise party—surprise!—I still got the money. Got the life. GOT THE #LEGACY... which works out perfect for me since whatever you're doing in the background that I can't see... that's probably boring anyway, how proud of it could you be, and what help would I be anyway? all I want to do is talk about sailboats and embarrassing all my enemies one by one, as I rip them from their incubators and throw them to the cold hard hospital floors, a-bloo-bloo. my next step is get a dentist right after I get my vehicle, and I don't know how clear y'all are on the existential angster, I don't know whether they're called police or the natural guard or just get a new one or to start walking seriously, I got a new inspiration that I'm done. So I guess I'm not very important okay. well it wasn't thought I was important then, cuz they were both so fucking whacked out and drugs af high that they didn't realize what they're doing if they had a range to just get rid of me they would have been completely screwed. he's the trust is from my benefit. it's not for hers cuz I love her it's not for his cuz he's tied behind his pants no no it's set up for me my name it's unique they're social security numbers and everything there's not supposed to be any others. that's when I saw all these machinations from people who do not understand how the world works I don't know who told me I don't know what they were thinking but they did it right in front of me and they didn't seem to care that I didn't seem to be liking it and now I'm here alone and comment let you know I'm just going to say I'm going through a tough time trying to keep from passing out laughing. all I wanted was a Pepsi. all they wanted was to pull the wool over my eyes long enough so they could kill me get away with it. IT IS NOW GOING ON 7 YEARS LATER. I bet they think that's important! it might be that these people are going to just off themselves through old age and me in the 19-year-old will run around town where I bought them over what to do and he doesn't and then I'll get rid of all the bad influences and then I'll... oh never mind I don't want to manifest any of this.)

so why is Pandora somebody who I don't have any fucking clue is literally which one of which one of my several past exposures to people who hate me is she and why does she need me to hurry up and go to sleep and get out of the way why does she have an invested interest in what I do and why isn't she try a little sunshine little focus tension of something useful a little little busy I'm not meant to work here I'm supposed to be long gone and everybody supposed to have fun here without me.

Who was this supposition made from? anyway there's no lacking of places to go and things to do there are people around there are safe houses around there's fucking ammo dumps there's there's motels to go back to but at this point I need another hotel and there's a bunch of fuzzy little piggies run around playing some fucking hopscotch game and they don't have all the pieces and they're somehow something's keeping them from talking to me at all.

(Actually I know exactly what it is that they think I don't know when they're afraid that I'll know ever and fall apart but I don't care, so they can run around all they want don't spoil the surprise let them burn out their brake pads first.)

I wore out my interest in getting high years ago. I started early. I didn't finish early I just suspended ear. my life went down a pathless try that it looks like her kids going down too and I learned a lot of skill and I learned a lot of people pay attention to a guy like me because I am a guy who has been consistent.

And I'm not consistent just because I'm a bullish idiot who can only do one thing—swing a gavel while breakdancing know that's two things—and that one thing is very effective, I can say no to sex.

it is of course very difficult, especially when people actually genuinely want with me and they actually think it's a good idea and they don't care that my mouth is who is yellow oh no oh you're not going to you're not going to get shit dude unless you fucking whiten up those yellow teeth yeah what are you cute dude like you you got to have sparkles oh really well just fucking shoot me in there with a shotguns you took then. and how would those exactly be traced to me? like I don't know but I haven't threatened so much with all the stuff here and everything was fine and then I came home and went purple now why I had to be chased out that way I just don't know but that was the way it happened and I have taken massive advantage of that.

just as all of you every last one you took a massive advantage of what I had before. I don't know what to come in terms of getting it even but it's like this I didn't have to spend any time on publicity or never mind I'm just going to wrap it up.

I'd like to actually do a podcast but somebody broke into the house and locked my computer and I can't figure out how to open it easily so I'm just going to allow myself to play ball and tap out there must be something I know that somebody doesn't want me to talk about I don't actually know what that is right it might be something I would agree with and then apparently there's somebody using my jacket trap somebody's using my name and they think it's theirs this is all shit that's going to come down on one of the largest punitive damage award settlements in the history of all goddamn mankind the multiplication at this point is legacy logarithmic, and well I did not sit this all up for this I might as well take advantage of the opportunity because I wouldn't mind making a shitload of money then give it to all these broads and then they can go get shoes themselves while I go cry myself to sleep alone I'll get used to this it's fine.

it's important that I have all of these women at an even keel because of any one of them stands out like tall poppy syndrome whatever fucking crazy psycho is out there still is going to kill him if I get up if I get a favorite she'll die.

Let's go over that again kids if I like anybody it's the kiss of death. well if that's the case I'd be very careful when I start liking Allison again, because those two are fucking going to get their G-d damn asses in Thunderdome and we're going to have this shit out. oh I'm anti-Michael, that's me. I EVEN HAVE A GODDAM AUNTY-M. It's fucking genius, it's perfect. and when thunder Gap was doing his thing and Thunderdome was some kind of thing that people were worried about and something crossed the line and site had to go down and I was I was explaining what happened I don't remember now I explained to Allison and then she got a spirit Winter body and she jumped out of bed and she started screaming and carrying on and she threw all my shit out of the trailer, and it was at that point I probably figured that I knew that something was going on but I didn't know what.

but it sure look tasty and nobody was telling me what the fuck it was which meant two things for sure number one I was going to get blamed Jack how did you let this happen it's been a little time these fucking piggy little fucking Jester bitches that's just the whole fucking thing you're a place where he's a jolly good fellow it's all about taking one guy and singing him a song and and making it feel like he's good and then kicking him the balls over and over and over for like 6 months that's what I've had okay this whole fucking thing is just your fucking centric and I know exactly how to deal with that not at all.

I tell you exactly what but I would get bored halfway through and you wouldn't believe me anyway and the important thing is that laptop that got thrown out of the trailer that I think she still using somewhere in the world I don't know she's gone on so far with her life and the two things that she said to me didn't matter was what I said I was going to do if she went and she went and did her fucking whatever the fuck she did I wasn't going to have sex with that person until I was talking to that other person and then I was going to talk to that person and I still haven't talked to that person and I wasn't thinking that person at all when I was having sex with grapefruit and then grapefruit brought it up and I said I'm not think of her and that meant the grapefruit new that she was had just revealed to me that she was thinking about her and I was laughing with my dick in her and then she kicked me out her off of her off of her body and then went to Dallas and had a great time and then came back and screen to me and that's what her mind fell apart now that's why all that shit happened okay I don't need to go to court anymore I can testify right we can start moving this thing forward I don't know what the fuck happened down there and I don't want to know because I'm going to find out and I'm going to laugh my ass off it exactly how fucking stupid they both work cuz you both got fucked screwed and lubed and it wasn't my fault at all and I had nothing to do with it and the whole world loves me cuz I put up with this shit for two fucking years and the other alternative would have been to let you fucking both die and you may both feel like you'd rather be dead than what you're doing right now or the fuck it is oh as long as you're not fucking hanging around me I'm sure it's better than that but whatever the world is going to laugh at you about you're going to remember for always that I made sure to best my bottom dollar out to make sure that you're both hung out to drive visibly so I could laugh too.

Haha. hava. the added bonus that I'm laughing at the DEA who lives next door who also stole a whole bunch of money and used it to build a bunch of houses and then well I don't know what they're doing but they're still sitting there fucking crying about something everybody's crying everything is just all falling apart into sitting around waiting for Jackstart to be taking care of because it turns out everything has to benefit me or it doesn't work.

as far as I know the only thing that benefits me is to sit here and go to sleep and think about how everybody's laughing you, they're all going to laugh at you, they're all going to laugh at you no they're already all laughing you I don't know about what but at least you're at least you're not laughing at my friends you're laughing at your friends cuz those two little fucking dick bags were never my friend if they wanted to be fine someday they sure as shit aren't now they weren't ever they were pretending and when I watched them fucking acting like they were friends with each other and in love and I needed to be you know feeling bad that I was losing something I knew I was setting off baseline alarm for Ontario there is no way there's anything going on that I give a shit about and if I do why don't I know about it I mean who did none of you know my phone number anymore you hadn't even mind with so many times you don't remember my name all you know is on Jack star that's it and then and then Jack star is the DEA so he replaced that with him and then I'm still here he can't fully replace me he's neutered himself and he's paying all the bills and he's a dick bag and he's stuck with those fucking crazy witches that he's buying up shoes hopefully he'll kill himself soon if the metastatic cancer doesn't fucking get him first? what kind of g*y lies about having cancer? what a fucking loser that sounds like.

and so much the better if you takes the scummy piggy DEA down with him fuck that shit he can be the new Ollie North will have so much money we'll have budget from days from in I mean it's important to enforce certain things but there's a difference between trafficking enforcement and drug enforcement and Liberty enforcement and all kinds of shit they were just doing things that you don't want to know if I told you how the DEA used to work you wouldn't like it, and if I told you how many years I've been getting stoned at my friend's place is talking about how one day I'm going to see those fuckers burning fucking hell you being embarrassed to how long it took you to figure out that I was probably a bad idea to threaten with the DEA at all.

The optics are bad here. On the bright side, I'm saving a lot of money, I'm just laying around doing nothing waiting for my diet burger to turn in the meat. all the false friends that have been sent to be useful to me have been neutralized without having much trouble I had sex twice once really long time once really short time, neither wants to bother with me again, thank God and I'm relatively unscathed from the Crimean wars this year I don't know what the hell has happened Allison if she's died or been given cancer or lost her shit but I don't actually care I held space continuous space that will give her the space she needs to fucking hopefully teleport in and teach me how to do it I don't know what's to come but I noticed that you know she's not around and she's hiding she's upset about something and she should be upset because she lost like like $100,000 with a rare plants around here like somebody was supposed to do something about it and somebody got popped or some shit somebody let let down and as much as she feels bad about having me she feels like a fucking suffer cuz I didn't do anything besides drink beer and get blasted while she had to do whatever and watch me do nothing and she couldn't tell anybody apparently she couldn't say hey could you tell him to do this apparently she's on a leash or something which is exactly like the kind of place she wanted to put me so I hope she learned that lesson cuz I'll never do that and I don't remember what I'm supposed to point out about how terrible that is because sometimes it doesn't matter if you're a snitch or not bitches get stitches. and then what who's going to who's going to get revenge on that when they're fucked off mess?

you know that woman I was supposed to be having sex with it that used to talk her into doing whatever she's going to do in the first place I have hardly ever twice in 13 years that counts but it was supposed to be a big thing I was supposed to be getting excited for an exchange right but little dude everyone knows that I already know that she had been brain drain drained that she would have been like been like having a coma baby it would have been like having sex with a sponge with a meat popsicle in it right in order to heal that I would have had to have done something about it and I wasn't trying to heal it I was trying to wake her ass up with her parents because I wanted her parents to look at something cuz I haven't met them either and you know I have another person 20 years off and on barely known I know there's something weird there but I didn't want to get involved and of course they want to be getting involved cuz they wanted me to go away but if I were going to I would have wanted to be fixed so didn't want her fix her for sex I wanted to fix her for life and I did the same to Allie and I think I believe look at that video up there I did the same for Rubini.

I'm the best damn healer that's ever lived. I healed all four of his a bear lifted finger I navigated the rapid dangers of a Russian River with perfection but I didn't have to think about it because you guys took so long back and forth whatever you were doing that there was nothing else for them to do to heal and there was only one healing space that fit the perimeters for all four of these things this house where I remain King and that guy that I don't want is band and the people who can come in well it's either her and her and her and him or her I don't know I'm not that picky right I just want I just want those loser penises who don't give me money to go away, and then the the rapists those are worse than the children but they don't give money either I am out like 10 several tens of thousands of dollars for this entire shooting for quite so much time cuz I haven't total up for 3 years or so and you all run around making money hand over fist and you were doing what for me like treat me like absolutely dog shit like why like what what about me makes me into your fucking low hanging fruit why don't you fucking explain that to the goddamn IRS when you talk about how you're siphoning money from a special needs trust for what reason how are you investing in my future by getting yours and I fucking resource tree because you have to talk to the goddamn Federal is not about drugs this is a fucking Al Capone gig man you got some kind of fucking thing going on there I bet it's fucking Keith rolling I bet they fucking scoop his ass up and they hang out the dryer but they give him a hundred and eight years because he's doing something I only saw that guy once and he's got way too much going on to be that little invested I think Ruby is the fucking star of the shower and if you did it's wrong for a person to talk about the right before I have a fucking trial you're all fucking self-imulating and then how am I supposed to have anything to do with it fucking alley tell me I'll tell me how can you talk to the boys to the girl to the man who raped your girlfriend he was him at the time there's a fucking software thing how did I do this okay well I read the books fucking years ago and I thought how the fuck did they do that well now here I am living it I've been in two trap houses I've seen shit your fucking little fucking bitty boop fucking teachers lounge fucking 1996 PTA fucking parent teachers association you've never seen I saw a military acid fucking punch me in the chest so hard that I should have fucking fall on my ass on my hernia it should hurt this day he should have killed me like like Houdini no I'm fine it's glance it off I told him I love you I walk past him yeah I humbled that man myself just by walking.

and little do you know I love my friends who are sex addicts so much they should fuck everything they want honestly anything I can do to help if me being like whatever speed I meant statement is allowing them to fuck more so that they can process the guilt or shame they might be feeling otherwise for more power to them they weren't fucking me before I don't expect the fuck I don't expect them to fuck me now I don't know why anybody would want to I'm not going to fucking have babies I'm not going to enjoy it I don't enjoy anything anymore I... just want to die. Wait, I just want to not use any of these needles like there's a big bag like 80 of them in the back bedroom and so for any of these reprobates to come in and say hey Jack can I get my needles I'll be like sure go ahead this house is under surveillance thanks for outing yourself as a needle addict bitch and then hand in the bag and say get the fuck out mother fucker and they can't do that and they probably can't buy them anywhere cuz those fucking needles are hard to come by when you're on a fucking watch list. not as great as a stocking stuff as you might imagine, but it's a great population control tool because whoever the fuck was needling up over here they're not fucking needling up with those needles so they have to leave the state or they're doing something else or they're fucking sucking dick just to get random needles whatever they're doing I don't want her to use them. and then her to tell me that I couldn't use them and then for her to be fucking married to a guy who uses them all the time supposedly yeah that story don't fucking add up so anyway I don't give a shit what happens she's a 7,000 year old Anasazi Sorceress who can actually cast death touch spells and fly on a broom, and she loves me and you all had your chance to fucking do something better and you fucking couldn't and my plan reading supreme and I don't even need a fucker and then she can fix my dick all she wants she's got magic powers when you get to the fucking place wherever I don't know what the fucking rule is I don't care I just got a fucking win which I did a long time ago and if I don't then I'm dead either way this fucking nightmares over and you're going to remember me FOREVER, the monkey's dead, the show IS over, oh, wait that's not a monkey, that's a cat covered in creeping black mold, & IDGASRWF, I will use it as a fucking pillow after squatting right down on it to take a huge shit, maybe I'll fucking fall in love with it fucking Catholic high-school camp Crystal—you didn't have the cognitive capacity to fucking sue me then, Shure sue me now, it'll probably be the most fulfilling relationship you'll have with any groomer all year, Hari-Kari-Riki Lakey-Bakey *click* WAKE UP: TIME TO LIE, KIDS

Thunderdome is —still— ongoing. cool huh it's probably going for weeks those two are fucking blown out the ass they don't know what the fuck they're doing either they got those they got a situation for him they have no idea what to do I'm sure of it if they did they wouldn't be in there still and then eventually they're going to call for help and the only help, at this point, is me: antimatter.

Let's change cameras. Does it mean how much money I have, first question on the screen? wait what I have a screen? oh you think you're putting me in The Matrix you think you're taking me okay I got you yeah I fixed that we actually flipped around that thing that you really so happy about accomplishing that took you hours and hours and months of months of lying to me and ranging things and kidnapping women and raping them and raping the memory yeah I fixed that in like 7 minutes with the help of my twin flame counterpart with it to just expansion tub like a little Gizmo in the national plant I'm actually not even kidding I fixed it that fast that's what you missed out on by leaving early I was going to tell you all about it when you ran out the door to go to your business meeting and left me behind.

don't worry she doesn't like me either, no one is all happy all the time, he'll be fine, a lot of people say that ministat cancer goes really quickly and it's not painful at all and then I a lot of people a lot of people don't have their bodies in their names identity stolen from a überjew and a paddy-kick-awan, and as I have arranged all this just to make sure that they are mathematically impossible to get from where they are to where you are without going through me as long as I wait him out and they die you'll be safe forever and then....

when I was with you and you, the real you the one when you were three, I believe that you were safe for everything forever with me. And, you are, right now, wherever you are. I have to pass out now, bye, they're in the corner of the other room where you raped me you'll know that I didn't move a single thing ever since you left it there piled up with furniture that looks like a big stack of clunky incubators you lifted from a hospital so you can take him to the pawn shop later to make money for your next pit of smack but fortunately I don't I've never used smack That two degree and then you never told me that you did so you remember when you started using smack when was that? because the story I heard after you've been in your mother's camper fucked off for three fucking months with a bunch of fucking douchebags I never met fucking got to see doing her beans order you told me some story about how you start with your seven and I said wow look at that have not transfer in and you suddenly you're carrying six Bibles now one of them's Orange Wood okay well you have a good time honey bye I'll see you later and that's why we haven't been together much because you got fucking brainwashed like that fucking shit bag place said they were going to fucking do to me and they didn't and I've been waiting patiently ever since, and I won.

YOU ARE THE PRIZE, PENELOPE PUMMEL-O‘PHAGE PUNCHY-PITSTOP nee Brewster&Liliski’s Davina-Belina back door great game uncontested winner spinner upgrade package for the kuzy oscillation overdresser it's on the table you can install it yourself you're smart you got to have a new name for a thank you I said I never seen that before oh yeah see I told you were married give me dad a kiss on the cheek for me lipstick in the bag for you I'm going to fall asleep too bad you have to wait for later get your get your grand Aunt to give you one of them spells to make my dick hard, then just make sure you use it before you wake me up cuz otherwise I'll have the impression that you've suddenly shrunk, let me tell you I'm the shrink around here, I love you ilu lol i hey don't you laugh at me bitch I'll fucking have you killed *Quik*

PS I know why you weren't here on my birthday it's okay I love you and I'll be lamb stop don't let your dog pee on it and all my ex-girlfriends are assuage so you don't have to worry about it yeah I don't think they got nothing to say they had their chance they get a year they didn't do shit besides laughing me what a loser you wouldn't even know why then whether any risk of fucking not scaring you in the dark when you glue in the dark more I'm sorry thank God you're back