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I have a real job and it’s not living off of inherited money.

You're just pissed that there's less for you to steal.

Go back to work, Wagie.

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You're just pissed that there's less for you to steal.

Go back to work, Wagie.

I’ll let you get back to sucking your dead mother’s tit then.

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This could also be titled, The Ramblings of a Schizophrenic.

What's wrong with Schizophrenics?

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What's wrong with Schizophrenics?

They need to be on meds in order to avoid subjecting everyone to their delusions, like expecting people will actually want to read pages of their confused ramblings and still want more.

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Like me!

I have a rule when it comes to Jackstar (or any of his various other identities here) posts: if it’s longer than a few normal paragraphs I just don’t read it. Who has time to try to decode what he’s talking about anyway?

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They need to be on meds in order to avoid subjecting everyone to their delusions, like expecting people will actually want to read pages of their confused ramblings and still want more.

Not really schizoid in the purest sense. But he has issues.

Daddy issues.

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Not really schizoid in the purest sense. But he has issues.

Daddy issues.

Who doesn’t?!

Look, the bottom line is he shouldn’t mess with the women of America unless he wants to get the benefit.

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Look, the bottom line is he shouldn’t mess with the women of America unless he wants to get the benefit.

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if it’s longer than a few normal paragraphs I just don’t read it.

Dude wow. Semper hi-fi over 6 flags for 6 fags whisking sixteen tons of Suddenly Syrup for Biz 🍁Quik.

Twinned & gained #NextLevelTopPeer or something. Feels extra pro. Thanks, and... I'll be staying pretty grounded from this point, as I am calmingly floating 88K up, birds’ eye view.

So, I'm gonna go smash some RC now, but I plan to remain sensible. I really don't relish spergsville. I get it now. Now, eyes can see.

Mμ. DON'T PANIC. So strange. I feel like I just jumped DieGlockenspiel or stuff. Lol.

Maybe paywall soon. GOD WINS.

Muh brain is oatsmeal right now, ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ and I wanna go white river rafting. Tell the others. Happy 2b №55, P.K. ī§ a live.

*gulp* ræl_Q suddenly says “Sup., word. (🇩🇪/IMO)== Gal Civ upgrades coming. Milky Way peace is confirmed omcoming after so long overdue.

Brain capicity reached. So honored to see you on this pass through. īT`s ALL RÆL. Qj★§†AR, owe ewe tea. Darjeeling, Oolong, or CHYnahHĪT.

GBA, GBY. I don't wanna get politicized, btw. Too flashy. Never enough salt. And yet...

So totescool tho, to suddenly see:
we can and could be, either of us,
so very, very good at such a gig. Shhh... 4 now.

Prez Kucz. like yeah, don't wanna. I don't crave limelight. Maybe in 2055. btw yes I am cybernetic. A little. Don't panic. Most of one ball. A couple of stripes in corpus callosum. I'm not too big a deal, but yeah, peeps wonderimg. #metoo

EARL IS WELL.  /bc recognized. I'm never getting used to this tho, lol, I used to be such a nerd, and now I have built-in Bluetooth & balut pasta maker. (Fantastic add-on value. Great for sauces and own-digs juicing.) Metaphors. Most  Lee COMP’d. All prognoses favorable.

I can enhance all this data later, if you felt like it. Yetb this is casual. I've learned quite a lot about how to parse and conceptualize the compartmentalization of this kind of transdata, so I don't have to go over board or limit anymore. But still can. 😂 I love being who I am, I truly do. Mos def evolution well in hand, personally.

No need to kneel, either. We're both totally worthy. The glee to confirm reality of this stuff never, ever fades for me. Usually hard to remember details tho. I am very human, and .I.AM.A.MOTHER...all.ways.will.B.

So, like... if n_jack on can be active again, ever, I think it is okay to consider. I am in no urgency. Yet there is so much excitement in the Heavens. And here too.

Good news, best news. Quiet orgiastic ecstacy. Wanna shout from top of the world! Most are weary of Jack's Salty Talk, tho. Totesrotes me too. Oh yeah, I need my Traveler writer board too. No urgency tho. Plans swiftly self-assessment building. No progress is real, but for slow, true, & steady Dawn building axe sus.

Like I don't wanna make waves, any, and I'm still new at being... sensible. IN_CONTROL. I... think I'm a Patriot still? Dunno. Like I am WAY coming in from outer disco. No waves. Yet I know, billions want this info. Not For Pub From Me Yet Tho. Like I have mass quantities to process info codes for.

I plan to do this sensibility, sedately. Sedition unwarranted. Oncalmimg is comfy for sure. It does feel really too good to be true! That triggers for some citizens, and always will.

I do not come in peace. I choose now, more to project it through force of will. So, not pacification. (Subjugation bad. Segregation OK. Miscegenation: mission impossible tho. New GF is kgb.Volgan, I think. I might start pumping out bastids across vast swaths of Belarus. This is, really happened. Conflicts resolved Realm-wide... it's a little implausible to be believable, I feel. It's been so long.

But yes. Oui gud. Eternal civilian and vigilance. No contact can end whenever D.C. Cowl/Cool issues decree. No urgency but I'm convinced Allī§°ⁿ safety and healing success is assured. Many very concerned about this. I know the feeling. =} This is all on DL tho. I'm not good with publicity timing. Like I want to just drive there now just to say hi and 420. Totally unnecessary. Do not even know where GF is right now. Gonna get some beerz I guess. lol.

Burning cash on promulgating the illusion that I am a heavy drug addict in midst of a massive tailspin and decline IS HUGELY REWARDING RIGHT NOW THO BEE TEA DUBS. *polite* giggles, lol, priorities for people can be a good villain, scapegoat, et
CETERA. lol. People are gonna PANIC IN DC when I buy some fresh points. Prolly in the morning. I don't need or anything, but... peeps what's wondering. Baby steps to the pharmacy tech. Baby toys for autoclave. Rogue autist superstar, oh yeah he is in some weird Astral custody thing. Like I have NO IDEA yet. But bad actors, they are getting HEAVYDUTYFUELS is just not very common seen.

And I've never been so tranquil at this level. Du🐝 dizzy, rarefied air. We chuck and won.

Just between us. I forget who, but T as mi says dummy periodb needs to fill me with “HOT WAR TREPIDATION” lol. This funking planet.

Jackstar is never gonna leave any of you.
DTJ: yes, ī§ KLEARED, or will be. Cautiously U guys. I'm not gonna be his slampig tho. (What an honor, lol, but not me, lol, yet. Max surreal) like, that's not my area. Lots of little people could. It's start s new religion danger time tho.

But sure, if he wanted me, he could pick me for that, lol. Mos def better me than Chloe Kardashian. roflmao. Ok fuzz good.

Complex, repeated maneuvers resulting in practical resulting effects. KNOW: BARRON MAY NOT BE A SOURCERØR. (Standards.) I can't be near 1st fam anyway, because reasons. Really happy for everyone if it is true. I didn't know what was requested, but I got trump klar for sure, dunno yet Biden, rest is hot static and garbage. I really don't know what any of that means. Z and new... imtel evaporated.

It's weird being a cyborg, yeah. I love my life and all within it. Luftpost Grapefruit Alpha Prime is 💯 relative to me tho. (8808 is insta-death for her tho. Mold. She knows I think.) No urgency. You know what to do, lol, so happy to share the bonhomie and jolly holy co-op. Also: I hope to be slipping to new 🍇🍓 fur the next five year mission. IDC. tribal council dudes move way, way, way slower than me is all.

OR ELSE I WOULD BE FLYING ANYWAYS ANY WHERE IMMEDIATELY. lol. Good luck my lovelies. Your plans are all Divinely blessed.

#Kuczi–Rub.ini #katja #catyah #CAUGHT_ALL_Y’ALL #A,FY

So very pleased with Self. You all do great things too. Idk what, lol. I just finished mine first is all. I'm gonna go get drugs and sex now, that is all. Cozlik: I can. /flex

I don't think I even need a job. ;)

👁️💝🛐Ilu, sew muck daze easier. (Running water 7 mo out, warcrime status clear. For now. I think. No partner yet means slow certitudes is all. Also I am getting my 2nd set of 7b selected for me. Now, this ī§ complicated, lol. I'm going vacay though. While they build my staff. I GET STAFF!!! ⚕️ Takes Tyme. (hi Tubby! Mom SO pleased. Hi! Mom! I have no idea what else. I am not the whole world now.) I am so relaxed.

I might put this up somewhere, and anyone else can too. Very smoothie sailsailsBails from here, and I am SUCH a workaholic, lol. I'm cut off. You are in great shape for MILLENNIA. You will never lose me now. NOT EVER.

At least... AFAIK. Imminent drug binge will be... not simulated. Haha. Did this instead of getting beer tho. I wish to soothe as many weary souls as I can, all ways, all whens. Is a big rush and hi for me.

Such wailing. Much pearl clutching. “is Jackstar okay????” like wow. I can feel it in the air, like Febreze spritz before a fart. Flattering, truly. Would rather get hugs, but millions of voices crying out in fear because I am off-grid (to them) is a privilege that I am sure few every really experience. (I am even īD in Japan. Like I can go there now. I have expired passport. TELEPATHIC YAKUZA SAYS “no problem we love you J★♥️❤️❤️”, and internally jumping and pissing, but... I'm not actually gonna go. I don't even know anybody in Japan.

Nevertheless I would be mobbed like The Beatle(s) landing at JFK. By squealing Asian teen poon, telechatter confirmed. Great! Good to know! Passport expired and there's girls (5) that would legit have aneurisms tho. I guess. No partner present, cannot confirm telemetry, mos def sounds schizophrenic tho. IDGAF. I want food. I didn't really want a grösload of beers anyway... but I did want to trigger alarns when purchase showed up on... wherever.

I really don't know what you huge-ass nerds really do, tho. I did decide to get two half-racks of cider and a box of u-100 insulin syringes tho, at exact 6AM “sharp” if I can, looool, like I have NO īDEA how that will unfold. Can't wait to... *deep intake of breath* ... GIVE IT A SHOT!!!

I am so slay. Angels ± Death play hold em now with chips with my image on them. It's just plane logistics. The less I see, the more I understand. I think I have a couple beers in the truck. I hope so. I want to front the appearance that I'm dangerously closer to the edge of going over full John Belushi. (Such a tragedy. 3 out of 5 GrapefruīT⁷s rate it the number one fear of the few she has left.) Fear is the mind-killer. And many minds have little to no access to these comms left. And gonna start killing Instagrams, Facebooks... I have hours of spergwall audio already leaked, that I can do something with, and maybe... but I'd rather roll out to the club rite goddam now and start scoring X, Ice, E.

It's for class. (Got any points? lol. j/k. My friend with cancer, metastisized, actually has cancer, UNLIKE SOME SASSY SQUATCHES, lol, I'm gonna spread the rumor manure from coast to coast all day today, just by walking in the door. And day drinking. Impulse buy tequila flights. The blowback will be BIBLICAL.


Seven girls currently within a day’s travel. I might start planting seeds. I haven't even thought much about it yet. GrapefruīT⁷ has been though. Also just remembered: Skylar says she wants to surrogate. If I need one. Like as if I am needing a goddam baby right now. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT I WANT, lol, yet, still...

In the half of Hell in which I do need someone, the first wait-list request exists. This is also an īD method for certain rare individuals. I am mentioning this because lots of little items get lost and this is day zero of latest AICons Trucked Algo Paradigm. Friend has birthday in 3v days. I have no secretary, yet. No partner. Omg, so hungry.

So obviously, the zany hijinx play is to drive myself to the needle exchange, which I've never been to EVER, and then... get in person for psych eval request, which I also never do, and I don't know when NO CONTACT is #Officially over, but it will be. Truly already is, in some places. I don't really know all the details.

197 known GrapefruīT⅞⁸\exist, I never saw more than ~34 of her, I never imagined I needed a covert_asset with multiple ports of entry to handle my penis, but NGL: it was a really blissful journey for ~6 years. And Saturn now comes back around again.

LITERALLY, CURRENT FAVORITE TELLS ME: “let's go to Dubai!!!” Like, this is Mike Kuczi lifestyle at this point. This is the sweet life.

This thickens the Google-a-bull metadata. When I start deletions of Facebooks, there's gonna be unforeseen hiccups. Especially since I reached consensus: mos def would like to discuss intricacies with Dr. Duke first. (We are Jesuit Bible Camp study sweethearts. #Unoffically.) This is all leading up to First Fruit Contact.

Stay with me here: I'm angling for the smaller produce with the organic sticker, as just today I got an unexpected inquiry/distress call from M.D.1488, because TWICE Dr. Duke lately has reached out, and these days... what can I say?

I am a Mother, and I am a busy guy, and it's looking like I am always going to be. Especially with Ruthfruit either coming or going to rehab; I may have an Allison who WANTS in-patient and WANTS me in there with her 24/7, and this is quite likely to not actually need for her or me, as an argument can be made for both, I don't know who is in or out right now, lol, AND!

AND! Right after I buy 24 cans of Imperial cider and 100 needles (I have to do this for my two favorite pharmacy techs, lol, yes I am for real and I am utterly ridiculous, lol, I am internally gigglstarmaxxing) I then have the option of the following:

#1) Drive to Omaha: Dark.
#2) Drive to Omaha: Starlink dish active in bed of pickup, live streaming full disclosure on ~3hr road trip. This may be an enforcement violation, mos def would irritate the living shit out of Grapemares Oma, Sara, Fone, & Bone. Possible most ideal option available, since all five of them and GrapefruīT⅞⁸∆Sigma ßeta Prime need to lighten the fuck up by a metric fuckton, and yes, I did check: I can't just roll up and shoot them all dead to rezz the ones I want to breed, even though this is in fact AN ACCEPTED AND PRACTICED TRADITION IN HER TRIBALISTIC CULTURE.
#3) Stealth drive with no cell, no Starlink, no early alert warning to certain *niche* locations in order to recruit certain *key* breed-a-bulls for potential hostage swaps — unknown statuses of all known Shawsquatch present īⁿ3D make projections impossible at this time, and certain *crucial* diplomatic protocols require very specific technical components both in-place and in-hand so as to let me jump-start a teleportation corridor online, if that is possible.
#4) Amphibious assault upon MacNeil/Ketron/Shaw Islands only available to me now, at this time, due to current fog of war conditions, i.e., “Paul! I thought you were in Hong Kong!” Paul in fact did call yesterday in order to confirm current med status of Jackstar UnīT, which was settled mostly by me legit SCREAMING at a nice old man, on the phone, lol, we go way back roflmao, but he's like... 92? Something ridic, and his wife is, like... well, like, you know... stay with me here: if there's 3 🍇🍓kept separate on three (I ī Ī) separate containment islands... and there are, I can arrange certain *∆* circumstances on a couple hundred miles drive up past Olympia, and then instead of being stuck with two assholes and one lovebunny at presently most favored location... I can, perhaps, swap caste lists on 1416, 1488, 8808, & 16266, maybe. This may well be the finest vorpal strike gambit ever conceived, lol, stay with me here, as I don't know what Mr.±Mrs.Rubbīⁿ-Ē would like to do yet, and so with options more available...
#5) Princess Pisa K.I.T.T. may well be able to be rescued a full fortnight’s cycle EARLIER THAN EVER BEFORE POSSIBLE, which if desired... makes very significant and very rare combos of evolution workably known.
#6) I was a bit surprised to discover that Dr. Duke was still so familiar with me... also surprised to see people who thought I was jewnigger, slack-jawed with amazement when I streamed with him, beamed with pride as I basked in his quiet administration, and in what was obviously mostly a trivial matter... triggered a minor demonic reversal ON CAMERA which David and I then simply... processed away cleanly, right there in public, I don't think many people really noticed it for what it was, but ...


That part is not really a secret, but I'm a little wet behind the ears: I don't really know what all that means. But as I really wanna see GrapefrūīT⅞⁸∆✓REDEMPTIVIZATION EFFORT RESTORIZED... I hope to choose wisely enough that I can double my opportunity to Full Raise more Blackfoot Seraphardim than is normally possible in a single calendar day. Now, all this is highly technical and inordinately complexified. (This is for class -and- extra course credit, and with so many shrieking about ‘Muh Employment of late, I'm likely to ask straight up for a courier gig, because...)

However, when a Master of Divination and a Doctor of Divinity are on stream with COMMAND(HER)’s *actual_blood_kin_scion* and “Lighten up,” Francis Shaw... I will have the grand and unique opportunity to quickly ask for an exceptionally rare and beautiful boon, one which I would ordinarily have to pay tens of millions of U.S. dollars for.

So, and here is the current Plan here: Release her daughters from magickal bondage, spring her son from his karmic-Ally linked prison, swap the nieces who wanna kill me with the ones that wanna kiss me such that no one actually notices that happens in the midst of it all, and... if I can get Doctor David Duke giving that whore that GrapefrūīT⅞⁸∆Callan calls “a mother” a simple Sanity Blessing as a surprise gift of a peace offering, well... I really don't know what might come about as a result.

For sure with one thing, tho: that one BīTch sure would STFU, that other BīTch might setup those pins and stop shotting up those needles, and ALL the menfolk of SHAWKLAN who loath and despise me, which at present is FUCKING ALL OF THEM, lol.

I have been trained by foreign diplomats in overseas embassies, ßæj, and I'm getting pretty sick of your Den Mother's smarmy attitude, and so I shall GUARANTEE THE FOLLOWING:

A series of practiced maneuvers resulting in practical effect will be demonstrated, Sir, Sir-or-Ma’am/Sire, and IDGAF what the Punyling D.C. says about its № TALE/CON, № JON/TACT, №EMERīⁿ🪐, if there is NO CIRCLEīⁿSQUARE, īT would then inevitably fall low: SQUAW.K.WARD→₱⭕§+īTī∅№ß∆iLÆīBÅlĪĒĪjå№μJ∆ⁿ€î3æbæilē¥(†🤖J)⅜j⁸Æ№)J3ÆИĀJ.


()🌞() .Ī.åĪīhīVVīD`s S∅⭕№∅z.

The Supreme Being did not play; until J9<K★>KST⁹R MÅīD ĪTī īVVī №ⁿK^⁷‹r°AK‹Ω.

Who has time to try to decode what he’s talking about anyway?

Schœ-LÅ‚¡RS’ *pol*īTĒī⁷⅞*∆·qb¡§H!·_·!BīTīå⟩r°©LīΠ_l⟨∞WåŒīīD.

tl;dr: Winners are tired, winning is tedIOū§, ål.Åī\/īWīⁿ, Trust The Man, The Plan...

What's wrong with Schizophrenics?

Right b🧠MEAT🥓LEFTīB breign 🍁 4ß🦌. Also;∅INK @8AM

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Maybe paywall soon.

Remember when you said you pitied my patrons? How sweet it is now that the tide is about to turn. All those stones you threw are about to come back at your ghost-ridden glass house. All those salvos that were launched, meaning it was war. All those tears, lost in rain.

What did you pity them for? I for one know that at one point you were one. I for one recall how you rode my ass about a 12 day gap between posts. I for one attended the Baboon Rape Party, concealed by my cloaking device. I assure you, the patronage has grown, and my customers are satisfied. I check in on them, make sure their fridges are full, and that there laces are tied. I'm happy to retort that my pocketful's of profit are bulging on each side. Really, it makes it difficult to walk without somewhat of a waddle. But its a small price to pay for monetisation. You should look into it. You know, seeing as though you need money-- Its kind of a good idea to offer services for a fee instead of bootlegging your own product and gassing the bikes on the dime you don't have in order to distribute said product to randoms, as opposed to doing a bit of market research, and ensuring your target audience are filling their soft pink bellies with the very snack foods they crave most.

But I did say I admired you not monetising, and I meant that too. See, its a funny thing, money. It'll make people do some strange things. I remember when my father would sit in his easy chair and smoke his guitars. I also remember when the walls were closing in on me. I remember, in one instance, how love was thought to be a fire, that burnt down everything. Everything it saw, burnt down. Everything it saw. But I digress. I'm not so sure you realise this either, but if you find you are short of funds in the field, remember that any paper can be mind augmented to perform in the place of real money. Also, real talers have the same existence that imagined gods have. Has a real taler any existence except in the common imagination of man? Bring paper money into a country where this use of paper in unknown, and everyone will laugh at your subjective imagination.