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I wanna play with my boobs. Alone.

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I am also a wanted man in Canada and the father of a woman who accused me of rape...

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I force children...under threats of...coercive force...[to]...turn me on...


Get a job.

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sucking dick for drugs in a van down by the river.


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And HIV positive.

Really doesn't seem much like it. How many goddam blood tests do you think I should get? One before taking on a new lover seems prudent, certainly, especially with the rampant use of CRISPr going around these days.

Now, as to why you're so bent out of shape about this: I have no idea *exactly* why you think I had anything to do with this, but I will stipulate for the record that I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with you and (PROT-MV) getting HIV++. (Maybe you could turn all the sympathy you no doubt richly deserve into a lucrative side-hustle.) Why do I think you and That_Nerd have been afflicted?

Not because I am a Master of Diviniation, oh no. Instead it is because you and he BOTH called me on THE SAME DAY and held what was very nearly the same TOTES ORGANIC conversation with me... and you were both operating under the same erroneous set of intel. You even both expressed genuine surprise at whatever information you gained from me that, for whatever reason... did not make sense to you.

I bear no animosity nor ill will to either of you. Both of you are obviously totes-totes-totally off your rockers. Sounds to me that, at the minimum, you've both been told in no uncertain terms that you're not getting The Cure any time soon, if it were even possible for you to earn back the right to such a boon. Alternately, the old cure doesn't work on the new tripartite bioweapon.

It would be one thing if I had received a positive diagnosis and were trying to hide it. Yet, I have not. What I have is the two of you acting mega-pissy about STD infefctions. What? Isn't it as funny when it happens to you, and not to someone that you're attempting sympathetice magick on? REMEMBER THE PICTURE? IT WAS SPAMMED ALL OVER YOUR FORUM ENOUGH.

Obvious inflicted punishment by TPTB is obvious. I guess we know why you're not closing the deal with DD and are only holding her as what amounts to be a quasi-hostage. Huh. So... you're telling me, that there's a chance, huh? Well, we'll just see about that.

I'm steadfastly committed to my current battleplan and I would be hard pressed to make any more changes for anything less than a *very* good reason. I see no reason here. You gave it to at least three other people that I know of (PROT-T, PROT-D, PROT-A), and I don't recall either of you announcing plans to host a telethon. Meanwhile...

Dude, I'm a paladin. I can't just *wiggle wiggle* and cure stuff. I have to lay on hands. It's in the rules. It's tradition. It's how these things work. Are you telling me that you can't get anyone else to touch you and cure your disease? Damn.

Maybe you should have been nicer to Jesus, you salty clando Satanist fuckwits. Jesus. Talk about biting the hand that feeds. HOW FUCKED UP YOU ARE! Here let me buy you a package of condoms, I'll show you how to use them.

A lot. *wink*E. Smiley Martindale.

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