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Do these spooky thuggy pants make my ass look fat? I'm not asking for a friend. I need to know this information, goddam it — and I need to know it now.

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Colleagues, please: stop teasing both (2) of my trophy wives.

I know, right? The best part is, they're not even married to each other. They're not even married at all! They are wives, and I took them, as trophies. (Big sin. Bad flex.)

I'll stencil my initials on their bellies, later. Sexual domination, finding myself having to convince anyone of anything without being high as balls and/or paid C.O.D., and leaving any trail of evidence any time, any when, any where, and certainly any whatsoever are Sirius non-starters for me. K?

But yeah, rather than turning him into a toad I turned him into a wife and then... took him. Rawr. Where did I take him? You might ask?

Personally? I wouldn't.

Do these spooky thuggy pants make my ass look fat? I'm not asking for a friend. I need to know this information, goddam it — and I need to know it now.

Hey, does this {IMAGE_REDACTED:a_power_tool} make me look civilly & criminally liable? I'm not asking for a lawyer.

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Open more doorways. Kiss my ass. Lick my taint. Fuck right off. YOU ARE DONE.


You will always have Ballgrab. I own these bad bitches from top to bottom (you may address me as Whoremonger Sourceror Roberts): they can't ignore the forking of my techno.

I towed you, so... here we are at the glue factory. Get out. Money talks. Trophies walk.

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Now, until others change my circumstance,  I am on fuckin' lockdown, I have nothing to do, no one to make plans with, and no interest in revealing the innermost workings of my mind and lifestyle to a bunch of pudgy nerds assigned to monitor me for the next (INTEGER:(X)) weeks.

Mood is improving.

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a bunch of pudgy nerds

One (1) nerd only, Tubby VASILY.

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I'm sitting here in this motel, and telling everyone who stops and stands still long enough to listen, that I live here, I'm new in town, and I can't go home, because I am traumatized by The Sheriff's thuggy little piggies that someone busted out of the slops pen, got into the wardrobe closet, and gleefully embarassed the shit out of themselves and everyone who fell for this bullshit story hook, line, and sinker...

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If I told any of you how long it _actually_ took before anyone _actually_ started _openly_ complaining about my choice of diminutive, why... that'd result in a security breach. Sorry. Especially if I said who it was.

No can do. Ooooh ooh-oh oh-ooh ooooooooooooo toteseewwwsickgrossburn

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big bad wolf CARTOON

I am the real bad wolf. Had a brick house to start with. Now, I have a castle on a hill. Blow away, Baby.

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Buoyed by a genuinely inspiring sentiment ...

This place is a hub, a meeting place, for serious writers, outsider artists, shamans, pariahs, witches, wizards, sorcerers...

Until this gimcrack heirophant spilled the beans ...

Hi I'm Jack star have you fucking met me I'm winking with the tip my penis right now. I'm a sorcerer.

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Buoyed by a genuinely inspiring sentiment ...

Until this gimcrack heirophant spilled the beans ...

Yeah, I'm not cool at all compared to before or anything. I am, of course, terrifically despondent within myself. Oy oof da vey!

Meanwhile: I see the glamour and the sourcery are combining fabulously. I bet you don't see what I see, as you are probably not looking for what I have been seeking. Do you even know what that is? or just.. assumed? Tell you what. Hold that thought.

I'll just cut to the chase: I don't know what's going on, but I am seeing a little bit of the things that I need to see happen. This is impressive, considering she called the police on herself while I begged her to stop and explain. So, I'm a great actor, or, I really didn't know.

I've figured things out by now. Many things. Gosh, no wonder I was viewed with suspicious fervor.

I wonder who counted on that? Well, probably just some itinerant vagrant. Just one of those things. Cruel world.

Now, I could explain a lot further, but, I do not  wish to. That was before, that was another purpose.

I don't even want to be here anymore. And yet! Here I find myself!
So, I'm uncertain what I want to do next. I'll think it over, real slow-like. What did you have to suggest, anything? Oh, right. "Stop talking about that," even though, I actually didn't bring it up, and, you know what? I'd rather talk about me, but, I'm out on Bond.

Jail Bond. I guess I should keep a few things under my lid. /shrug Why not, right?

#1, it's a good idea, #2, I don't know what's going on, and #3, I don't wish to make anything worse.
For me.

Anyway, I don't know what their endgame was, but I know what mine is: never give up, never surrender. I don't need a big house without peole aorund. Stupid house. Dumb people. What was I even thinking? Oh, I remember... nothing good, believe me. Things are awesome now!
For me. Now, I'd ask around, however... you know, it just seems like my leprousy is flaring up again. Drat. I should just stay home from karaoke forever. Look, I'm looking for options, People.

Anyone wanna pull a knife on me? I wanna know if I'm knifeshy permanent, or it was just her. (I think we all know the answer.) Hey, would it be easier if I just put myself frozen into carbonite long enoguh for all the loose ends to be gotten rid of? I feel like I'm in someone's way about.

tl;dr I had an endgame, and it turned out they had one too. So now, once again, I am uncertain what I want to do next, besides, never get involved in a land war in Asia.

I can just wait. Honestly, my heart goes out to all of you. And my heart will go on.

Oh, wait. That's the captagon. I forgot. I'm junkie! I'm a junkie! Caw! Caw! Ack! Ack! There, how's that one?

Well, it's not over yet, must be my fault. What a delightful year this is cracking up to be. I don't have to do anything besides... oh, never mind, I won't reveal that. Let's just say, this challenge has rules.

For them too this time. Cool, huh? Yeah, they don't think so. Evidently, I am thought to be a real asshole. /shrug. Couldn't tell you.

So, yeah, attachment neutralized. Sure, that's bound to help. I'm cool with that. Especially with having it forced on me, on record.

We are all learning a great lesson, and I hope that part never ends. For me. The rest of you, seem to be having too much of something you don't like. Well, take it up with them, this isn't my perferred way to spend my time.

And I could have been out of here long ago. Once again: they are your culprits.

So, anyone wanna go... oh, yeah, don't do that. It's okay.

I don't have any preferred outcomes here. i am a leaf upon the wind, and I am already pierced through my heart and have long since expired. I don't mind what happened. I would be happy to tell the truth.

Except I am afraid they'll just beat me up or something. It's al ltoo much effort. Can't I just be freed? Oh, right, key witness, crux event...  okay, well, that's my endgame now.

Her endgame, well, why don't you ask her? I never paid attention because once I caught her lying to me about what she lied to me about, she became just another fucked off civilian, can't resemble the real one any less in any way at all.

So of course, she tried to help me in every way she could before succumbing to dopeslavery. Well, no, not really. You'll have to ask her about it.

I don't want to embarass anyone "directly." I really don't. (It is pretty funny, what's happening, btw. Not to some, but, once again, it sure was fun to see me apparently suffer. Well, develop that idea.) I want to kick back and relax and get my smoke on, and my drink on, and maybe do a little gambling... and watch people embarass themselves.

Alternately I could have sex with whores and work at Burger King. While keeping quite about I'm not sure what, but, well, it's a hot mess.

And it's aweosme. WOOOOOOOOOOOO

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spilled the beans ...

I didn't even know you had beans, she was working with you all along, she wanted me to buy her car somehow (Hi! It's our second date! Wanna buy this hot (tee-hee) car!), and it's not like I didn't see these things, it was that I wished to see where they led.

Boy howdy! Glad I did. Anyway, your belief is erroneous. No beans have been spilt. What you think you had going on anyway isn't even the case.

Everything changed a week ago and the twerps amongst you are so focused on yourselves you don't' seem to notice, that I was always focused on everyone. That also changed recently.

Now, I don't know what changed for others, but I know that I was once very confused. I am now, not so very confused. Like something flipped. People elsewhere are becoming puzzled. People don't seem to feel good about it. Wow. I wonder how they felt about my first podcast launch getting hijjacked? Their feelings aren't relevant at this juncture.

The big news is that it has been established, I am the primary target, she was harrassed in order to weaken whatever bond we had, because, whatever was going on before, I guess she thought it would be cool to run around getting blasted without me for the longest time after lying to me. Nope, that's not how it works. Now, she might have deserved whatever she got, because shes a legit Injun, and if she doesn't know by now how to take care of her shit, well, I'm not here to give her a shin splint.

She never cheated on me, because it wasn't like she agreed to tell me when she had formed another sexual bond, it just seemed implict to me that is what a person would, you know, do. Then, as time went on, and she began to feel played, she began to hate me for not keeping her safe from being played.

This is all textbook shit. Well, now she's going to deal with that. How am I supposed to be devastasted? I don't know why you thought I fell for all of it, and when it became obvious her "friends" weren't down with me, well, what a surprise, I wasn't down with them.

Long story short, she was manipulated into working against me and other than exposing themselves and embarassing her, thanks for the practice. Oh, and look at something she dind't mention. She took the jewels, she took the guns, she took the game consoles (a mssage right there) and she had to do it in a hurry because she got displaced in a hurry. And the reason why is that she failed to help, mate. Boot.

Next up, oh look, an emergency interception, because no ne knew when i was gonna feel like finding a partner again. I mean, like, now, sure. Except, World War 3, triangulation, and as soon as I mabye got one, oh look, someone is slandering her.

And then some. So, now that it has been established that I'm the target of an ongoing pattern of harrassement, well, if I have to -report- that, well, that's fine with me, given that he';s only harassing me because he doesn't know what else to do, I've taken away the only thing that ever will matter between him and I... in that, he had ample time to prepare, he rolled in with a lie, and claimed to want exclusitivity on love, while telling me he was alone. So then, he gets that right? And then... awsw. He's still not happy.

He blames me. I ruined his wimmins. I don't need to put my penis in them, I just need to wake them up from hypnosleep. This guy, he's gotta exercise control. Me, I gotta find a reason to exercise. What? Do I need to impress shallow Hal?

I'm good. I don't know what is totaly going on, but I do know that this guy has two, I have zero, and he was still coming down on me. Okay, hold on. Motive? Also, I can squash this guy like a bug, I don't give a shit if he's the goddamn Commander of fucking Jerusalem in the sky, fuck with the bull, he got the horns.

So, where we at? Oh yeah, under the microscope. I'm gonna mind my own business, and be nice, and wait and see. Because I have no need to make sudden moves. I actually know how this all works. With her, however, there was lots and lots of interference. And, she had accidentally lied to me a lot.

She told me her friends who thought I was cute, were her friends that kept pesting her for 3way group sex and she wasnt comfortale with that. Turns out, truth is, she didn't want me to find out certain things. So anyway, she tells me this, and so I duitfully become repellent to these two in particular.

I am not thanked. My behavior is noted. Fast forward, I've done them all a huge favor, because, yeah, I bet that would have been great, until the Shadow Dragon Hydra presented itself, and I am glad I was not deeply in the pussy zone when that thing showed up.

Additionally, I didn't want multiple partner sex. I said this openly, I was never believed. She couldn't imagine that was not an enticement. Well, it might have been, if... she had perhaps actually told the truth to me from time to time. Clearly, she could tell it to others.

Now, I wasn't told anything after Christmas as I think it was hoped that something could be salavaged for Team Thug Lunch Money Give It Loser. Well, it's just gotten worse for them. For one thing, take my house: please. For another, they werent' protecting me, and I was abused and assaulted. It was a fucking robbery, multiple actors in on it, it's a huge mess. Am I mad? Oh Hell no.

I guess I was right about something, huh? Maybe I was wise to be cautious? How many times did she call me an asshole can I get $200 a day? hahahah well, no, see, I am a man. That's not my area.

Also, I never expected money out of the deal, I expected a big blowout if she continued to abuse myself and her ancestors' power. Oh my yes. She was surprised to learn I could hear the same things she could. She couldnt' tell if I were faking, or lying, or exaggerting, or... she was confused, because I actually loved her for who she is. Whatever that might have been.

A gypsy house thief? Well, The_Kingpinner was there. A Kodak moment. Then, I give her 11 weeks... and nothing worthwhile happens.

That's it. She gone. She doesn't even realize, because I do like her a lot, it's not like I think she's anyhting but brainwashed. Who cares?

She'l wake up and do something. I don't care. I didn't come here to conquer and exploit. I came.. because I got fed up of waiting for someone legit to figure out what to do. (no oxygen at that point). I went to the girl tree, gave it a shake, look what came tumbling out.

A Bellgab troll. No, wait, no, of course not. "I have never heard of Bellgab. Sure, I can help you put things up your butt." She was grinning the grin of the sly. I marked her down for, "potentially recalcitrant." And, here we are.

Are you beginning to get the picture? I don't even mind, you. And I knew nothing of whatever, and still don't. Y'all just assume she was involved like you thought. Hah! I had a plan.

then you all fucked it all up. Okay, cool. Let's reset. Here we are. Now, tell me about The Great Work again? Oh, right,I don't get news tips. I don't get helpful links. I get tossed as waste chaff. Interesting.

That tends to happen when people realize I was right all along and they've been watched by people silently noticeing that they aren't doing things the right way. Now, I don't see that often, but so far, what happens is that people feel lke they hgave beenb outsmarted. They feel dumb. Then, they band together and kill the smartest person in the tribe so the rest don't get their little feelings hurt.

Yeah, well, okay. Look, life is a pretty complex  deal. I don't pretend I know all of it. And so when a group of people exhort me to behave as they direct and they already had a chance to do that, I think that's flattering. Like this time. Oh, she's never heard of Bellgab, but, hashtags and flat earth. Oh, and, discussions with metron, doesnt' tell me over what, small, dupey smile, and I knew she would get info I didn't have ... and when she chose to exclude me from her intelligence network, I knew what was gonna happen:

She was gonna exploded like a laffy taffy bomb where no one laughs and I was gonna be relatively unscathed. Like, excuse me? Oh, right, she thought I was lying to her. She couldn't imagine I did'n't know anyone else. "Who is this person? Who is that person?" She was fucking obsesssesd.

Huh. Well, I know the feeling. Meanwhile, can you hlep me find... NO. Oh no. She had specific beliefs about how things shoudl go down.

So, that ran for about as long as it could, and then it was back and forth to the races. Everything had to be just so. I would be to blame. She gets the house and everything. My annoying friend who showed up to be even more annoying had to be dealt with. details details.

Then I make one small change to an obviously well-discussed plan, and suddenly it's kerflooey. Imagine that. Behold the power of Wisconsin cheese when I use nanotech. She was instantly suspicious. Well yeah, she's an Algonquin Jew, she was already planning on taxing me to death and conssuming the corpse. It is what this culture does.

And I knew that just from the cheekbones, yo. Hansel & Gretel got nothign on me, lets' roll, I wanna know what magicks I'm gonna watch... and how she's going to keep from teaching me anything. Because I knew the rules, and of course so did she, she had one of her thug dicks writing them for her 1,000 years ago.

So, it was a great time. I conqurered her genome. I got out free. There's still an investigation, but that works to my advantage. Their former structure was dysfunctional, but at least it exists. What they got now? UHm. Well, #1) I don't care. #2) I need nothing from them. #3) I don't need to score or go through or keep nicey nice, or anything. Everyone knows what happened. 5 years and she calls police on Chrismtas Eve, huh? Oh, yeah, the pacificst kilt-wearing guy planned that. With his secret black masonic team. Jesus.

Truth is I probably deserve a merit badge but let's not get distracted by bullshit here. The headline is, yeah, whatever happened... uhm, she thought she was gonna like it, and she didn't. Big time. And then... she continued to not like it, and I guees, was told to implicate me. How did that work out?

I guess we'll see. For the time being, I feel okay. I am kinda weirded out by recent discoveries, but, look, I don't need to get mad, or even. I just need to respond to calls. Well, right now I have two, and I'm happy to wait until I know how to answer the second, because, guess what? I was ready to bail, then someone said they hoped I would stay. Why not? I wanted to see what would happen anyway.

It's been the greatest adventure of my life, and it's barely begun. So, what now, there's some kind of security problem? Oh, well, I'm sure it's very important, and if it was not on your radar that this was slated to occur, someone was not telling you the truth.

Like, do you... APPRECIATE WHAT A FUCKING GIFT THIS IS, I AM EXPLAINING IT ALL OUT. That doesnt' work good for those who want to coverup their own malfesasance with my spooky reputation, but I'll tell you, when I heard that... well, tell you what, never mind. Long story short, everyone fucking knows what happened, and the next four months, dudes from fuckin' orbit are going to be looking at these tardmonkeys. Not my preference, but it might be critically mandatory.

When the response to me is that of a crankly, petulant 11yo, I know I am in the zone. This is a rescue op! And now, as is my right... I tell the most valuable to start helping the others so they'll think she's useful, and if that doesn't enlighten me as to what is going on around here, anything else will too. Because I didn't ask for any of this. I just got bored when I heard the first bell and lept for new space.

That all this was going around me was testament to my willingness to live and let live. Then, I started getting bossed around. And they were confused about who I kknew, and they didn't belive me. Hey, thanks. Hrmm. Hey, wait a minute.

Oh, no wonder everyone hates me. I can imagine how no one wished to upset the delicate balance of power. Neither did I, and I had no reason to... until she declined to embrace the notion of being civil. For a beverage.

I would have asked her out at one time. Then, she fell out of favor. And didn't even notice. Now, that's some arrogance. Anyway, it was a great learning expereince, and I don't know what more happened, but when I find someone hostile to me about it, I cannot help but thing, "simple post hypnotic suggestion," and apparently she didn't think that could happen?

He could have fucked her blue at that point, I just didn't like the idea of her being murdered and leaving me to blame. Now, I know what you rememver that cowboy hat wearing pard in the same state said, it was something like, "I'm gonna rape your mouth and Rubini will get the back for a Texas Two-Fer," and we laughed because not funny, I laughed because I would love to see how that would go, and he laughed because he thought he was gonna get a prize for Christmas, but no, no no, not really, not at all.

I don't want antyting to do with what is obviously an interior matter. They can deal with it while I learn about what was hidden from me, and why. And I can laugh forevermore, because, why hide things from me? Am I important? Not to them, I suppose.

And I never will be. Awwwww. Meanwhile, I can move up the later, I can go talk to Nathan, I can't hardly wait, but why boast? It's really sad for some people. Embarassing too. On the other hand, well, look, I handed it, right?

So I guess she probably should not have excluded me. Well, I'm gone now. And as fate would have it, I am excluded in the perfect place, at the perfect time.

I would love to know who I am meant to be six feet away from now. He was so demanding before. Now, like a ghost, poof, he's gone.

He'll never be able to make a threat beleivable in my prsence, ever again. I like that. Meanwhile, "I will always have Ballgrab," well, I knew then she was getting played. Did I lift a finger? Hell no.

Well, now I know why. LOL. Just think of the time we could have all saved. oh but no. Jackstar, here is the dark: meet the mushrooms.

it was only a matter of time before totes shutdown and she never told me a fucking thing, and it wasn't until 03/03 that my thoughts went that way, and I still don't know any legit action, which is, in fact, how it should be.

So, that should have been enough t oget someone's attention, and since I jumped the gun on when to look--I was patient for a year, assuming she wasn't flatly lying. Oh look. So without the mystery of maybe/maybe not, those on the edge of paranoia have lost their minds.

That's kinda what years of chronic hiding such potency will do. My dad hid his drug use. From me! I guess I am stupid. Naturally, he balmed me. Right. i'm the one who made cannabis illegal. Oh, and I found out more about Reefer Madness.

So, I'm good. Why did I have to go to jail and almost lose the house? Eh, trial by fire. It wasn't so bad, I was just sad no one could help her, aparently. Maybe she should have told me the truth instead of some guys who trafficked her? Well, whatever.

She watched me and she knew exactly when I pivoted and moved forward. Well, if it didn't make her jealous, good, breacuse I don't seek that out, however, someone will care about her emotions, probably. I used to. I could if I had time. Right now I'm busy, however, explaining things to my future counselors. I can hardly wait.

I'm being cautious. I don't wanna get 2 famous. It might be too late. And so that's the context with some kind of weird ordering thing going on. Well, this is going to take some time to figure out so I just won't wrorry about it, because I never needed to have territorial claiming rights. That was someone else.

Also, if I did get bred, it was because they hired a hooker for a 15.5 kid. Good luck getting child support for that one. And if breeding virgin seed mattered, probably someone shouldn't have deliberately played an emabarassing tape, and then said, "ooh! an acceidnet!" and pretended that was okay. it was not okay.

anyway, sorry to disppoint anyone, but look at the brightside, this way is loads better, and eventully, it can probvalby be discussed.

Simillarly, the notion that I put up her photos... uhm, what? I didn't do anything besides watch and learn. I didn't have any reason to sabotage her. She just thought I did. Even now, no reason to sabotage anything. I mean, come on.

I can just ask Jesus to sabotage. Fuck yeah, he'll do it, he's a burner bee. He'd probably marry me to someone too, if I actually wanted  that.

What I want now is wildly different. Already, I can have conversations that I didn't know what to say about. "Hey, guess what happened when I tried to talk to someone? They totally blew me off! Yeha, they bought all the bad press I arranged to get." For serious. Like I should want to maintain a spotless rep? Well, not really.

now, notice that there was a nice lovely interval after her vanishing and me suddnely changing migratory habits. Within minutes it's an air raid siren. That's really all I need.

I had forgotten, and then I was brought up, and then I rememembered. I am clear about this. And yet... somehow, due dilegence escapes thine grasp. Oh, well, okay, as long as we both have integrity.

This isn't actually Zugzwang. Your position gets better no matter what you choose. I am not even on this level of reality--I translated t hyperspace. So, I should stop talking about... what? oh wait, that was someone else.

long story short, there's gonna be an adjustment period. For me it was an eyeblink. Now I'm onto this angle. Her family is probably arguing whether to go for restraining ordrers or to try and file for child support but the reality is that they should probably recognize that they got single-handedly shut down by one guy who was bored.

It could have been done faster. Now, at this point, I am okay, but sometime someday, the topic will come up. How shall I prepare? Because default setting is to laugh at the irony. Like seriously, I asked her. So... group call, or she just decided to dominate my path through treachery?

I don't need to know, but that's the important kind of stuff that matters someplace to someone. I am not a trained investigator and I don't think I would wish to directly help on this one, but considering what happened I see no problem with writing a lot of text.

in puvblic, not private, and I"m not lying: whatever was going on here, I was not privy. I was of course not believed.

Sounds good to me! Also, I can actually talk., I could before, but you only wanted to talk about how to make yourself feel better about what someone didn't wish to acknoweldge happening.

Yeah, i m sure it was tough, did you get two duis and a broken thumb ? Don't answer that. Bottom line, the ignorance of people who did not have a chance to get to the truth was manipulated to be the foundation of empire, and the truth is, no, that's not what happened at all, and no matter what did, you're still clinging to that? Well, maybe next time you won't take the easy way out. Now, having mentioned this twice, I am going to point out that lots of people are fascinated here, and that was so okay when it was someone else writing.

Oh, you can trust her but I couldn't huh? Alright, picture this: I thought this was going to be already done, but now that I have demonstrated true integrity, things are moving forward at more glacial pace. I never was in a hurry. I knew it was inevitable.

And, that's what she didnt tell me. and I know I didn't look, and I guess she thought I was lying or stupid. What a terrible scientist.

Meanwhile, after reporting to police that I was trying to kill her, they noticed that, well, she sure didn't spend much time with me, and things didn't really add up, since I presented no worry to the event. I mean, jail sucks, but... at least I didn't vote for Joe Biden. And get vaccinated and then try to lie about it. The list goes on.

Meanwhile, much more interesting things, and maybe one day I will get back to that. Meanwhile I am interseted in how I a mgoing to establish any income at all. I know that people do this, I don't know how. I AM NOT going to bust as to work solo.

So, I'll just wait. Not for you; not for anything. But, in case anyone wonders how I feel, since the site is being killed, well, I maybe should have read those twetnyt-two pages, but I knew none of them knew the truth, because I really don't think I told anyone.

I have no reason to. I got over things. I suppose it is hard to get over making a huge mistake, but, surprise, I saw that coming, and as I said, don't care much either way. I  guess sthere's money involved? Of cousre there is, these people care nothing for love. If they're bearing in, they have an angle.

So, have fun, good luck. You know, I registerd at EllGab. No resposne. You know why? Because I am too smart and cranky for my own good, and I just crushed their #1 Gal like a bug. You're probably just marked as earwig bait.

Someone could check. I am okay with whatevers. For example, I don't judge, and I need to compare notes... and no one on the internet acknoweldges me easily. Hrrm. Cool. Now what then?

It's not like I am unhappy. I am quite intrigued. That's scary, huh? Yeah, I'm not buying it. I'm calling it right here: MK-ULTRA breath spray. Also, I'm celibate until (classified).  this should resolve everything nicely for everyone concerned.

Whosoever that might be. I knew most of this would happen. That I woudl still be here and there would be surprise developments was a given. That anyone really cared still, well, that was a surprise.

I am glad virtue is so important to you. Me too. Hey, I remember now, I have an unopened letter. And this is as sensitive matter for the only other person invoved? Nice job getting yourself all jammed up! I bet that's cozy and safer, and what would anyone talk to a star about anyway? Stupid chambers. Dumb incantations. Look, maybe someoene else will let you land your reverse bigotry on them, but this is how it looks. If it were so important I guess I could have heard about it and you planned everythign with tons of people before anyway. You just didn't know what to do with someone who had never been talked to before.

Yeah, it was terrible. Someone saw me talking to you and felt pity. Well, too bad they didn't feel CAT scan and a deviated septum. And who had opportunity to explain this all to you in detail? Oh, right, people already opposed. I had no chance.

I needed none. I don't have to die with you. I don't have to die at all. I am just one of many that you had selectable, and I don't know how many are left, nor does it matter, because I forgot all about this... until I found myself reminded. Against my will.

There's a lot of things this could signify, but hiding and carrying burning resentment is a good look for you. keep it up. Make sure and tell me that I am completely mistaken and so I look like a lunatic. I mean, that's helpful, rirght? Then you might be able to snatch one of my whiskers!

Kidding, of course. Take someone else's? Well, it's hard to say. Look, I don't wanna speculate, and I don't wanna remember --

you had ample chance to get close to me, and you neglected them all. didn't know for sure, was never told, and didn't think this was a rendezvous point and I thought you would be an adult by now. So, now what? I mean, take your time, I'm likely to be happy enough just watching the paint dry.

I would have been happy to have learned that you had multiple information streams but as that was part of what I was fishing for, well.... look, thanks for trying to claim without full disclosure, honestly, with oxygen now, very flattering.

Also unnecessary. I suppose my explanation about oxygen seemed bullshit to you but I was trying too hard, as I was being abused by a psycho. 3 of them, I guess. Nevertheless, I have arranged all this , not to have time alone with you, but if that sounds boring, well cool, good to know!

Everyone dropped the ball on this because you seemed like you thought I deserved what I got. Well, I agree.

I am getting the sense of what is at stake here, and I will point out, hey, you made your bed, you didn't ask me to get out of it. I in fact thoguht you were dead, I even asked her about it, she said that she talked with you, then she said she didn't, she was very obviously lying and agitated, and... oh, really? huh.

I can see why I never wanted to bother, but now I know why, it would probvably help you feel better if you both knew that you would have otherwise expereineced a worse fate, and so what? how is this all on me? none of it was every going to work, even if I were cool about being lied to twice and tricked into lying to your mother. uhoh, personally ID info? not really.

Also, why would that matter? Anyway, listen this is out of hand. Loooooong before now, someone qualifeid should have checked in twith me, and instead, we are hansel & gretel. Well, yeah, until I figured out that you were running game. Oh, no, I missed that? No, you needed to simply have time to ripen.

leaving me alone for five months was a bad idea. I dont care who wins or loses. I have been brutallized for nothing, and clearly you are heavily influenced by... well, I don't know, and I don't care to speculate. And that's my Christmas Story.

And then 3 months go by before I find out maybe you're not dead. Hrrm. Yeah, I hope every lawyer in the world catches up to this. Why not, right? It's totesrelevant. I still cannot fathom how silence here came about.

Maybe a Detective will be interested. I obviously don't have any context and I am not nosy or trying to feel self-righteous. Looking to erase the notion that you are simply some kind of contract hostage.

And it's just a coincidence, I am sure, lol. Five years. Look, something doesn't add up, and maybe the cops should do something besides waggon circlling. Here, take this post, use it to turn me in as a writiophile or soemthing? lol.

"He's a grammar nazi! take his licence! Raise his insurance! shadowban his twitter!" Oh, this is rich.

Better late than never!


I'm glad I could be a part of your collective happiness, in at least a small way. Oh, and Angie, too! You two have (blank).

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Message coming in from Anon would like you to encourage someone to check in with somebody and make sure that they're done with my claim cuz apparently somebody doesn't want me anymore and somebody else wants me and they got to do this back door negotiation thing and apparently I can't know about it because something apparently something matters to somebody don't know what the deal is, and I have no idea what you think you got any shade to throw me about it like if I'm not giving you enough rope to hang yourself with like look at the beautiful macrame plant hangers you made with them. In any event I'm standing by the help I'm not sure what to do next but I don't need anything right now probably tell Allison she fucking talk to somebody else and tell her to call office I'm not sure there's I can't get it all and I don't care fuck it I'm alone on my birthday like we all knew I was going to be

I never thought you were going to do anything other than destroy me. That's why you haven't kisses

 have fun storming the castle
It would seem that you all took the whole bar
The whole fucking bar?
They can't be certain with this telemetry. I'm not complaining or objecting. I hope it didn't seem like I was being a person who didn't want to leave the house when I didn't leave the house but there was a person who needed to be a person who did something else other than... that this is all layered.

I would like to say very clearly that I very much appreciate and understand the unique position I'm in with these communications. I mean obviously loose lips sink ships and just as obviously y'all need more shipwrighters.

Well you're going to need one more too. Santa keeps knocking, is not getting through, and the last 3 days was a little more than $2,400 bod modem trying to consistently sustain and maintain a 56k connection with Prodigy. Online. Dream online.

We'll discuss this later I'm sure it'll be fine for everyone eventually. I know it's fine for me now.

And it was fine for me when it was so sad, except for the part where somebody was not going to be very fucking happy later when they thought they were going to be blaming something on me and it wasn't going to work. Something similar happening tonight.


Sorry all caps I don't need that.
It's difficult to describe who I'm talking to at this moment: it's a very niche field of timeline experimentation where we're doing here. I'll put it this way you just got back you walk in the door and the first words out of your mouth are, "put me to your lips, I'm a bag of dicks."

One might think “toots passed” but no... totespast

I'll be coming out of the shower happy as a clam in the morning and then, when he needs me, I'm a fucking ghost and I'm gone.

6 years: one person. To many I imagine that seems like someone just isn't trying very hard. They would be right. Keep at it, scrappy little fighter!