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Re: Arbitrary, idiotic things on your mind
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And I don't care for hot dogs either.

Re: Valentine's Day Superb Owl party Terrorist attack
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Just as he planned it:

Shooting at Valentine's Day Super Bowl celebration for Kansas City Chiefs
One person is dead and as many as 15 have been injured or wounded during a shooting at the Super Bowl celebration in Kansas City on Valentine's Day. Two suspects have been detained after the shooting which set off scenes of chaos as throngs of NFL fans fled the scene and scores of police responded to the violence...

(Vidya embed in above story for the literacy challenged among the AzzGab audience.)

Clearly part of the Dark Brandon/Miley Cyrus/Jeff Running-back scheme to steal the 2024 Erection, this is the false-flag gun-grab "event" that the hobo elite hope will put the nail in the coffin of Democracy in 'Murica.

Dirty bastiges.

I would categorize it as Mostly Peacefuly, myself...

That is all, Carrie Anne.

Re: The Hobo Elite, explained:
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I have not watched this vidya, but I suspect that it explains the hobo elite phenomena.