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I wanna play with my boobs. Alone.

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I am also a wanted man in Canada and the father of a woman who accused me of rape...

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I force children...under threats of...coercive force...[to]...turn me on...


Get a job.

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sucking dick for drugs in a van down by the river.


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And HIV positive.

Really doesn't seem much like it. How many goddam blood tests do you think I should get? One before taking on a new lover seems prudent, certainly, especially with the rampant use of CRISPr going around these days.

Now, as to why you're so bent out of shape about this: I have no idea *exactly* why you think I had anything to do with this, but I will stipulate for the record that I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with you and (PROT-MV) getting HIV++. (Maybe you could turn all the sympathy you no doubt richly deserve into a lucrative side-hustle.) Why do I think you and That_Nerd have been afflicted?

Not because I am a Master of Diviniation, oh no. Instead it is because you and he BOTH called me on THE SAME DAY and held what was very nearly the same TOTES ORGANIC conversation with me... and you were both operating under the same erroneous set of intel. You even both expressed genuine surprise at whatever information you gained from me that, for whatever reason... did not make sense to you.

I bear no animosity nor ill will to either of you. Both of you are obviously totes-totes-totally off your rockers. Sounds to me that, at the minimum, you've both been told in no uncertain terms that you're not getting The Cure any time soon, if it were even possible for you to earn back the right to such a boon. Alternately, the old cure doesn't work on the new tripartite bioweapon.

It would be one thing if I had received a positive diagnosis and were trying to hide it. Yet, I have not. What I have is the two of you acting mega-pissy about STD infefctions. What? Isn't it as funny when it happens to you, and not to someone that you're attempting sympathetice magick on? REMEMBER THE PICTURE? IT WAS SPAMMED ALL OVER YOUR FORUM ENOUGH.

Obvious inflicted punishment by TPTB is obvious. I guess we know why you're not closing the deal with DD and are only holding her as what amounts to be a quasi-hostage. Huh. So... you're telling me, that there's a chance, huh? Well, we'll just see about that.

I'm steadfastly committed to my current battleplan and I would be hard pressed to make any more changes for anything less than a *very* good reason. I see no reason here. You gave it to at least three other people that I know of (PROT-T, PROT-D, PROT-A), and I don't recall either of you announcing plans to host a telethon. Meanwhile...

Dude, I'm a paladin. I can't just *wiggle wiggle* and cure stuff. I have to lay on hands. It's in the rules. It's tradition. It's how these things work. Are you telling me that you can't get anyone else to touch you and cure your disease? Damn.

Maybe you should have been nicer to Jesus, you salty clando Satanist fuckwits. Jesus. Talk about biting the hand that feeds. HOW FUCKED UP YOU ARE! Here let me buy you a package of condoms, I'll show you how to use them.

A lot. *wink*E. Smiley Martindale.

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The woman I took to Olympia, who needed a ride, because it was an EMERGENCY, but really he was a Henry, a handsy, and a dick;

and I didn't really want to go, because I knew what would happen, and I didn't feel like doing that, and so; I did.

Now we're in love and I would like to know; how much does she cost? Because I grow weary of all this back and forth.

And also: the hostage situation is weird the creepy, but that is okay, and worth it to save Allison's life. I think I did, but no one really tells me anything, which is too bad, since I'm the only one who knows what's really going on, and where did the other man go? Well, I hope it's somewhere... Hot.

Because I was rewarded with the following: he tells me to get gone, I'm there to help him, because if she flips out and shivs him the neck at the wrong time, she goes to prison for murdering her abuser, which is in inconvenient for me, because I like the flexibility afforded to me by having all the people who otherwise would kill me, all caught up as they are
... for I have calmed these bitches down. No one thought it was possible. KUCZI DID īT. BUT...

I ain't going at it again for free. I only did it that way out of respect for the family, and everyone knows, this is going way too far. But that's okay. I'm a paladin. And I healed KMM. Time to test her out on her captives at 1416. Whatever the intent when that subdivision was numbered... it's now the virtual sarcoughagus for Dagoth-Ür and īT§ minions. I don't know what it really was before—FUX IN BUX•LEIGH is a strange kind of Bavarian mountain stronghold. It's not my business. Not any more. I rescued various dipshits, didn't break any laws or legs, and I did it right under their noses.

Then, they did some kind of “gotcha” teleporter maneuver. Now, this is the last straw. I'm a time-traveling interdimensional sourcerœr. obviously, I could just come back.

But that would not be enough alpha.  So, I have made some improvements. But just so there's no Creepo Factor, you gotta get that woman for me, and everyone knows that Shaw, and hermo, and Smith, and Babs, and Judy, and Alli, and Allegra, and Leah, and Lilith, and Karen, and Karrin, and Karrin.. that's a lot of Ks... Kayla... wow, I can see why the neighborhood voted to get rid of my water. “I don't know what good it'll do.” Well, tell Oma that I've now converted the home of my abusive nemesis into an inescapable spirit trap, and I did so without having to make a big mess or her plans. 6 years separation? You sure?; Someone I won't mention might swallow their tongue by then, because I made all this easy for everyone.

She can renounce Satan and all His works, and then I can release Dagoth-Ür and everyone is happy, and no one has to be scared of me, right? BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY I AM AWESOME.

The other option is to keep on being a Satanist or a Luciferian or Coupeville-Babylon Alphadawg, and then release D.U. whenever I feel like it. Or he escapes; doubtful. Accidentally shattering the time prison I guess could happen but I think it'll last a month, which is the next Court date, and it's already been there a while.

I just turned it inside and out and I managed to trap Allison’s most valuable rapist in there, and I'm having a ball watch this twerp turn slow on the spit.

Not a direct view of the action. PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. Hehe. I'll just finish here, with this: I knock on the door, and he's crouched behind it because he knows I'm not concerned, and he knows he is caught inflagrane delecto he just now notices, and big denial, big money, big panic attack... Because I'm supposed to be afraid of this guy? I was.

I am. I'm afraid he's going to murder someone to avoid an arrest. Or he's gone to find a way to put me in prison, or even worse: make me marry his daughter and then watch her peg me on me wedding night, which I can't feel is the EMERGENCY we were all holding for.

And Dennis is TERRIFIED because he thinks this is bad for him. He's afraid I'll going take his job or kill his favorite daughter or make it so he... You know.  Bad stuff. In reality: I removed her corrupted soul, healed it, but it back in, and she began to be able to figure things out.

Then she was brainwashed again, which really was kind of rude, and the he thinks I'm going to force another healing. Oh hell no.

He can have her. Just want to show off to Alli and I don't need to keep friends with the woman who replaced Kathleen. That's why he's crying behind the door. He thinks it's going to happen to him next.

Actually I was just there to find out what name to use to explain the situation with the neighbor. I guess something happened when the generational curses were gone, and I'm not putting them back. Maybe he could try yelling at her in the lawn again. First though, he tries to scare me from behind the door: “What you do if I came out there with a gun?” oh lawdy. You mean besides have PC to have him arrested and then I don't need to wait for 6/26? I lie, “I'd probably just let you shoot me. I'm bulletproof.”

Silence for a few seconds. *Michael, please leave.” Pfft. Like I wanted to be there.


A.F.Shaw should me have to suffer like this, and The Court should recognize that I'm happy to follow their decision. Whatever it is. I'm not using The Court like this just to punish Alli. Not at all.

I'm using The Court to CONTACT HER. “Hi. Alli. See? I told you he was just a twerp. As soon as it's legal, go shoppng with his money and buy shoes, lingerie, and (blank). P.S.: Your secret GF is waiting for you in the house across the street from the one you put your kid’s name on. This is all coming out in the wash. Love, Jack Mike Star.” there. That should make everyone feel better. If not: turn the water back on, maybe there's a silent alarm ringing, because I didn't think they would fall for it, but they did. I got The Finders, The Jesters, that one weirds sword cult that does the scars, and I assume all of Mockingbird and Bellgab and them, I got the whole lot of them. And Earth is none the wiser.

But everyone knows it was me, I saved her, and caught them all. No one knows how. I won't explain. Ways and means.

And now I'm out, and unable to confirm or deny that I'm going to (blank) her (blank), so: I'll just wait until the 26. Cheers, l8r,,


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The woman I took to Olympia, who needed a ride, because it was an EMERGENCY, but really he was a Henry, a handsy, and a dick;

and I didn't really want to go, because I knew what would happen, and I didn't feel like doing that, and so; I did.

Now we're in love and I would like to know; how much does she cost? Because I grow weary of all this back and forth.

Hot pro tip: Never bury the lead.